Friday, 09 November 2018 09:19

Deep Fried Crap Land

I thought it said deep fried crab land and was ready to visit. Huh! Legoland came joint last in the Soil Association Visitor Attractions League Table 2018. A survey of food offered to children and families at the UK's most popular visitor attractions

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Friday, 14 November 2014 19:53

An Inspector Calls .. the figures

For those of you that think that I have the dream job. Here are the figures. Last month I dined out 60 times, averaging 15 meals a week in either cafes, pubs, hotels or other dining establishments.  I ate belly of pork 6 times, 8 curries, 8 fish pies, a handmade burger on 9 occasions, 4 sausage rolls, 5 slices of cheesecake(assorted) 4 lemon possets and a selection of confit meats, fish and vegetables. I drove 1600 miles and consumed an average of 1,128 calories a meal, making that a total of 67,680 calories for the month. No wonder my trousers are tight! 

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