Monday, 19 August 2019 17:32

    The Secret Garden at Bildeston Crown

    All was revealed last week when I was invited to a 'Secret Garden' barbecue at Bildeston Crown and discovered the beautiful walled garden, tucked away at the back of the inn. You can book it exclusively for yourself and up to sixteen people for an al fresco meal. It has access through a gate from the car park or via the new very cosy lounge and Champagne bar (more about that another time). It's cook your own on the inset grills which run down the centre of the table, allowing you to barbecue delicious meats and vegetables yourself without having to move. Chef and owner Chris Lee is on hand to make sure no one goes hungry or burns anything they shouldn't. Ice buckets fill the gaps where there's no grill ensuring that the wine is as perfectly chilled as the guests. With delightful service from Hayley and the young, professional team at Bildeston Crown we enjoyed glasses of refreshing chilled rose and were delivered superb side salads, hot side dishes, dips and sauces to accompany the Red Poll steaks, homemade beef burgers, chicken kebabs and marinated pork. We cooked our meat on the grills, slowly grazing away well into the afternoon. If you fancy your own al fresco feast speak to Chris or Hayley who will tailor a menu for you. Prices start at £30 a head and I'll put my money on the cute little courtyard working well in the winter months too. Braziers, patio heaters, hot grills, vin chaud, raclette, Pierre-chaude and fondue ...just an idea.

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    Friday, 25 September 2015 14:54

    White Men Can't Jerk

    Oh yes they can! This was one of the nicest things at Meatopia with larger portions and a beautiful hot-sauce pineapple relish and so we had more than one. But of course we are biased - we are half Caribbean!

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    Saturday, 06 September 2014 00:00


    Well they chose the right name for this! As suffolkfoodie had complimentary tickets we went to take a look at Meatopia at London's Tobacco Dock, and taste everything of course. At £5 a go for small portions it was hard on the pocket but once we had fought our way through the smokers, the smoking barbecues and the hacking of bones we found the most exciting thing there...whole Somerset goats wrapped in chicken wire on the outdoor fire pit ... and a very long queue for the roast ox which was going to be at least another four hours according to the woman basting it every few minutes. Great delicious tasting food - but now all I really want is some lentils.

    Tuesday, 26 August 2014 15:44

    Scrap Heap Caff

    One of my best meals this week. Chinese Pork and Halloumi Cheese, cooked on the washing machine drum barbeque at the AlsYaGal scrap heap caff.




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    Wednesday, 13 November 2013 15:07

    Bonfire Night

    Look at this for a bonfire!  We cooked curry in our potjie pots, enough to feed 30 people


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    Monday, 20 August 2012 22:33

    Bullitt BBQ

    Wow!  Suffolkfoodie has found the perfect burger - in Great Yarmouth.  YES! Great Yarmouth...  We followed our noses tthrough the wood smoke to the The Barking Smack, next door to The Hippodrome. We also followed our ears, as we loved the sound of the Roots Reggae that gave the terrace bbq shack a relaxed and laid back feel. The burgers were proper, juicy patties, cooked to your liking and there were real ales too, including Blonde Ash. Here is the Carnivore Burger.  Well done to Mark, not only an excellent burger, but happy and helpful service too!


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    Tuesday, 03 July 2012 12:18

    Yee Ha - it's nearly the 4th of July

    On Sunday we smoked some chicken outside over hickory wood chippings to get in the mood for our 4th of July visit to USAF Lakenheath for their barbecue - as we did last year - see our featured post from then. Our chicken was so good we forgot to take pictures but here's a link to BBQ Guy's food blog in America to get you in the mood. And the fire was perfect to do a slab of hot smoked salmon afterwards.
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