That's French for 'my birthday party in France'. Bored with Brexit and looking for some entente cordiale I celebrated my 60th in France. One large Gite hired, fourteen of my bestest invited and several sacks of baguettes gorged. Castillonnes is a 20 minute drive from Bergerac airport and close to Maison Vari in Monbazillac who put on a great wine tasting. I even found a local Chef Marianne to come and cook us a fabulous birthday meal. Why did it all have to end?

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    Served just like Kir with white wine and ice ....mmmm

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    Tuesday, 17 May 2011 23:04

    Lost in France

    saucisses   crepes  le chef

    Crepes, frites et saucissons, et j'avais mange toutes!

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