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Zumba Josie celebrated 7 years of fitness and fun by having a party and a great Zumba Bake Off at Norton Village Hall. I hadn't quite expected the level of competition when I was asked to judge. Here's the winner! Chocolate Heaven. A tower of chocolate sponge with layers of buttercream, mountains of chocolate and a secret stash of smarties in the middle. Made by mother and daughter team Sue and Grace.

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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 12:24

Don't decorate a cake...decorate a wall!

Canadian Shelley Miller has moved on from icing cakes to decorating the walls of her home town.

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Monday, 20 August 2012 19:15

Snake Cake

Francesca Pitcher from North Star Cakes in Kent created this Burmese python cake for her daughter's birthday and put a picture on her Facebook page - and before she knew it the photo began to spread around the world. As we get into the new Great British Bake-off and have already seen a cake that can be seen from space, we might be adding a few more here. If you want to order a Snake Cake or read the funny comments on her page, have a quick look. 

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