Saturday, 01 September 2018 15:43


    Three cheers for Arla Foods, owners of Lurpack and Anchor butter who are paying their entire 2018 profit to farmers who are struggling financially due to the summer drought.

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    Wednesday, 15 June 2011 13:34

    Yogurts from Down Under

    Guess what? More free yogurt! From New Zealand via Little Melton in Norfolk and delivered to my door - as you know I never turn down free samples.

    These are just how I like my yogurt, flavoured with a satisfying drizzle of mango or passion fruit coulis (or pear, blueberry and honey) They taste as good as the ones I make myself for breakfast with plain yogurt and home-made coulis. My son said 'they look nice' when he opened the fridge after school, so I can only tell you that the one I had was lovely!

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    These are the plums, the ones that are dropping from the trees all over our roads at the moment and  no one picks up. I am about to make some more jam which is fab for breakfast mixed into plain Greek yoghurt, instead of buying those horrible flavoured ones. This is especially good timing because my free sample of Total yoghurt is going to be delivered tomorrow! I am planning to do this jam -making in my Veuve Cliquot apron.

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    Tuesday, 24 August 2010 08:53

    Totally Delicious

    Free gift number two has just arrived!  And here is what we made with it - a dip, raita, yoghurt cake (see recipes) and a delicious dessert terrine for a party.

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