Tuesday, 14 August 2018 09:49

    Be ashamed Tesco

    This whole page newspaper advert is vile in every sense of the word Tesco. Which box in your Core Purpose and Values does it tick?

    Edit: Thank you followers for making a noise about this. It was noticed.

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    Wednesday, 21 August 2013 09:05

    Lean in Tesco


    Very excited about being invited by Tesco to tour their bakery in Lowestoft - this was an opportunity to address everything we think is unethical about the mega-supermarkets and be reassured by them that they are making progress in the right direction. But not even the very big and extremely heavy goodie-bag-for-life stuffed with tiger bread and almond soya milk can make up for the corporate-speak-with-prize we took part in as part of their female only audience of bloggers and customers. If this is how Tesco top brass see their customers' world, no wonder they were in court this week. We may only be club card holders or housewives on the surface, Tesco, but underneath many of us are industry professionals. 


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    Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:18

    Bass v Skate

    Here's the dilemma - bought one beautiful, large, creamy white, freshly caught Skate wing from this lovely fisherman. It cost £7 and I shared it with mum (it was that big...) last night. Then today went to a supermarket (Tesco) where Sea Bass was £2 each, so bought four. No wonder we don't have any fishermen left.

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