The bleedin' vegan burger. Coming to a supermarket near you. Give me my homemade hazelnut and red lentil burgers any day.

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    Wednesday, 21 August 2013 09:05

    Lean in Tesco


    Very excited about being invited by Tesco to tour their bakery in Lowestoft - this was an opportunity to address everything we think is unethical about the mega-supermarkets and be reassured by them that they are making progress in the right direction. But not even the very big and extremely heavy goodie-bag-for-life stuffed with tiger bread and almond soya milk can make up for the corporate-speak-with-prize we took part in as part of their female only audience of bloggers and customers. If this is how Tesco top brass see their customers' world, no wonder they were in court this week. We may only be club card holders or housewives on the surface, Tesco, but underneath many of us are industry professionals. 


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    Saturday, 03 August 2013 11:25

    Cake from the Co-op

    The Wheaten Mill in Elmsett made this and they sell through the Co-Op (and probably other places too). It was nearly as good as our own home-made coffee cake and looks just the same. A bit less icing and more coffee flavour and it would have been perfect, but much much nicer than most shop bought cakes if you can't be bothered or run out of time to make one to have with your cup of tea.

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    Tuesday, 28 May 2013 10:18

    Bass v Skate

    Here's the dilemma - bought one beautiful, large, creamy white, freshly caught Skate wing from this lovely fisherman. It cost £7 and I shared it with mum (it was that big...) last night. Then today went to a supermarket (Tesco) where Sea Bass was £2 each, so bought four. No wonder we don't have any fishermen left.

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    Tuesday, 16 October 2012 11:35

    Why I'm not rich...

    Little Dish is a £10 million a year business that makes children's ready meals for the big supermarkets. The range includes spaghetti with meatballs, cottage pie, fish pie, risotto... Like some of us - it's founder Hilary Graves had the inspiration for her business when she was pregnant. 'I realised no-one was making fresh healthy food for toddlers and young children' she says.

    Well Hilary, we were - we were just giving them some of our dinner. 

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    Thursday, 31 March 2011 15:48

    Here comes the Bride

    royal place setting

    So Granny has agreed to have the reception at her house, which has saved the problem of finding a suitable venue and no doubt saved Wills and Kate a bit of money too. As we're in·the year of austerity perhaps a delivery from Iceland could be arranged? A thirty-six piece chicken platter followed by·a thirty-six·piece dessert platter would only set them back £10. What's more you can design, print or email your invites from the website and use the party planning tool to work out quantities and menus, so there would be no·need for Lady Elizabeth Anston·to sort things out for them, and a few more quid could be saved.   Beef is likely be on the menu on April 29th·and·hundreds of bottles of vintage wine and port are being earmarked for the big day from the underground vaults of the Treasury at Whitehall.· The Queens Red Poll herd at Sandringham were·under 24 hour guard since the wedding announcement but by now·the beasts will have been dispatched and should be·hanging to mature nicely - ready to be turned into cottage pies,·Wills' favourite food.  Cakes too have changed over the years. I made my own, tradional three tier, royal-iced fruit cake. but Kate is apparently a chocoholic and may go for something more unusual. How about a cookie cake?·Or maybe your relationship started over a playstation?!

    the playstation wedding cake

    I catered for weddings for most of the 90’s. It's hard work, but usually a lot of fun. Not only did I organise the food and drink but it was not uncommon to carry out other unusual tasks, and of course not everything goes according to plan. Re-gravelling the drive is an old favourite at the country house wedding - impressive - until cars arriving at the reception become firmly embedded, requiring all hands on deck to push them out again. 

    One request to have all food served by identical twins, each with a a pair of Dalmatians forming the welcome party, was probably the most bizarre. A modelling agency provided the twins, most of whom had never served food before and stood around looking anorexic and useless. Luckily most of the guests were on diets too so weren’t bothered that the canapés weren't flowing. And I wonder if the Middletons and Wales’s families will end up having a punch up in the car park? 

     I had the misfortune once of being invited to a 'dry' wedding.  There was going to be wine, but guests were expected to buy it from an overpriced bar. I decided to take matters into my own hands and bought a nice big  5 litre wine box and a roll of wedding paper. Wrap the wine box up in the paper, having located and released the tap first. As you arrive at the wedding, gift under your arm, hang on to it - insisting that you need to personally present it - you can now put the box on the table and pour to your hearts content. You'll make lots more friends and can join in the foodie party games too!

    love is sharing a banana

    it's all too much...

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