Wednesday, 25 July 2018 11:34

    Shimpling Park Lamb

    Dammit! I missed a feast at Shimpling Park last week. A gathering of all the people involved in the production chain of Alice and John Pawsey's organic clover fed lamb; including the Shepherd, farm workers, tractor drivers, butchers, chefs and food writers. All watched on as Lavenham butchers Greg and Gareth cut up a whole lamb and then the chefs cooked the various cuts over fire pits and barbecues. Try it for yourself, I have and can guarantee that it's delicious, available from Lavenham Butchers.






    Saturday, 10 February 2018 18:21

    Dear Chocolate Lover

    I have just discovered the perfect little 30g bar of chocolate. Made with certified organic cacao sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, it feels good for me. Better still, 3% of the Bedfordshire based company profits go to UNICEF. My favourites are this 70% Raw Peruvian Chocolate with Pomegranate and the 100% Raw Peruvian Cacao Bar with Mulberry. Find some for your Valentine.

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    Monday, 10 August 2015 17:36

    Meltdown and how to get out of it...

    Some days just don't go very well for restaurants and Fornham Fine Foods was having a bad day when we went for lunch. We were surprised that fishcakes, one of the few hot things on the menu, was already off the menu by 12.30. We guessed that there was probably a 'chef problem' as everyone seemed to be waiting and the staff looked frazzled. But we ordered a steak sandwich and a smoked fish platter. It still hadn't arrived forty minutes later. Then when the fish arrived there was no steak sandwich because it hadn't been cooked yet - even though the menu said 'served pink'. The waitress eventually brought the steak, decided enough was enough and said there would be no charge for the meal. The food was very good in spite of the wait so we wanted to pay something, at least for the drinks, but she wouldn't let us. She didn't know we were food bloggers but she does know that messing your customers about while you decide who is going to be your chef isn't a very good idea.

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