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    Thursday, 29 July 2010 09:00

    New potatoes

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    Vegetarian week is over but there is still nothing better than a new potato from your own garden with a big knob of butter.

    Friday, 30 July 2010 09:00

    Festival food

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    Tuesday, 03 August 2010 08:59

    Alder Carr Farm with the Telegraph air hair lair

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    My friend Joe and I are at Alder Carr drooling over the cheese counter when we hear that so is the food critic from the Telegraph. I am not quick enough to give her my suffolkfoodie card but I understand food critics don't like food bloggers much so maybe it's for the best. Great Ploughmans though - big chunk of Suffolk Gold and a home made scotch egg. And a special hello to the nice man buying  cheeses beginning with g for his dinner party - we want to come!

    Wednesday, 11 August 2010 08:58

    Needham tea room

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    Such a quaint little tea rooom of the kind you think have long gone. Full of teapots on display and a reasonable menu of snacks and main meals. I had a cheese and ham toastie which was two slices of sliced bread toast redeemed by nice home cooked ham. They have a couple of foodie shops here in Needham, a good butchers and one of the best charity shops ever where they don't select out the junk first - you could set up house from here.

    Saturday, 14 August 2010 08:57

    Spain comes to Thurston?

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    Hola! A new sign outside the Victoria in Thurston.  Are they really Spanish? Love the sign and can't wait to find out.

    Sunday, 15 August 2010 08:56

    Harveys Garden Plants

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    Lovely food. I had their version of Welsh Rarebit with salad and the most delicious piece of lemon cake filled with home made lemon curd with greek yoghurt on the side. Mum had a bacon sandwich in ciabatta-type bread and a piece of plum and orange cake. They say they use their own produce and it shows  in the moist yellow cake made with their own eggs. We both had their own fresh apple juice. And they  have some really nice plants too. Not your usual garden centre.

    Monday, 23 August 2010 08:55

    Scotch eggs (again)

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    My friend from France is here and the one food she remembers (and wants to buy) are the Scotch eggs we had from the Edris of Ely butchers! So we eat them in the Abbey Gardens. I had a Cornish Pasty.

    These are the plums, the ones that are dropping from the trees all over our roads at the moment and  no one picks up. I am about to make some more jam which is fab for breakfast mixed into plain Greek yoghurt, instead of buying those horrible flavoured ones. This is especially good timing because my free sample of Total yoghurt is going to be delivered tomorrow! I am planning to do this jam -making in my Veuve Cliquot apron.

    Tuesday, 24 August 2010 08:53

    Totally Delicious

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    Free gift number two has just arrived!  And here is what we made with it - a dip, raita, yoghurt cake (see recipes) and a delicious dessert terrine for a party.

    Friday, 27 August 2010 08:52

    Wood fired pizza has the x factor

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    Invited to the opening night here at the new LP club (used to be Ruin) where downstairs the wood fired oven burns continually, making the best properly thin and crispy Italian-rather-than-American pizza in minutes.  And upstairs in the bar some very good singing  - one of them has got through the first round of the X Factor!

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